6 Things You Need To Do To Sell Your House In Irvine This Summer

In most places, spring has historically been the best season to market a home, with fall a close second. However, it goes without saying that not everyone has the luxury of waiting until the right time to sell their house. However, you may sell your house this summer with the correct attitude and some careful planning. The following six steps will help you sell your home this summer in Irvine.

1. Understand Why Summer Isn’t the Best Time (And Adjust Accordingly)

As we’ve just mentioned, the summer isn’t the best season to put your house on the market. Therefore, the key to selling your Irvine home this summer is comprehending why and making the necessary and suitable adjustments.

Since days are longer, kids are out of school, and individuals have time off, summer may seem like the ideal season to list your house for sale. However, those are the very factors that work against you because they all indicate that individuals are busiest in the summer when they are taking care of children, travelling, and engaging in all the seasonal activities.

This means that over the summer you will need to change your perspective (particularly with regard to how long a sale will take), be more flexible, and prepare more properly. You’ll probably need to be more receptive to the wants and whims of buyers during showings. Due to daylight savings in many areas, some people enjoy leaving work early. You might discover that potential buyers are more eager to see your house in the late evening, right after dinner.

Things You Need To Do To Sell Your House In Irvine

2. Make Needed Repairs

You will need to perform the necessary repairs as soon as feasible, just like with any real estate transaction at any time of the year. Just when you need to sell your house this summer in Irvine, it becomes even more crucial. Start by making the most important and obvious repairs, and then move on to the less important and less noticeable issues.

The specialists who recommend making such repairs early cite the following as the main advantages: “First and foremost, it’ll avoid potential buyers from becoming distracted when they tour your home. They’ll be able to concentrate on the positive aspects of your house rather than mentally making a list of what needs to be done. By eliminating future back-and-forth arguments over small maintenance concerns, you’ll also save time (and money). And doing the repairs yourself, ahead of time, saves you from having to foot the bill for the estimated, and often over-inflated, cost of repairs!”

3. De-Clutter Ruthlessly

Similar to that, you will need to declutter aggressively and early if you want to sell your house in Irvine this summer. Take into account each object in your home. Can you get rid of it or do you really need it?

Open living spaces are even more tempting to buyers at this time of year when so many people are spending so much time outside. Buyers want a home that feels airy and spacious. But if it’s overrun with all your unnecessary possessions, that won’t be the case.

4. Double Down on Curb Appeal

Although curb appeal is crucial year-round, it is especially important in the summer. You don’t want to squander the one and only opportunity you have to make a good first impression.

In addition to the traditional methods of improving curb appeal, such as external painting, roof and fence repair, weeding and mulching beds, etc., experts also advise paying particular attention to the following:

  • Mowing the lawn twice a week and mowing diagonally “to add dimension and curb appeal”
  • Doing small but noticeable things, such as planting new flowers and repainting the house numbers on the curb
  • Decorating with colorful summer accents for a warm, inviting atmosphere

5. Depersonalize and Depolarize

Depersonalizing and depolarizing are two more crucial aspects of preparing to sell your house this summer in Irvine. When you depersonalize, you take away everything that makes your house uniquely yours. Typically, this entails removing cherished family photos, odd trinkets, and heirlooms as well as sentimental items. You want buyers to be able to envision your house as their home.

To prevent any and all polarising situations, you don’t want anything controversial on display. Therefore, “depolarizing” mostly means getting rid of anything political or religious. Many people react emotionally strongly to these kinds of things. Don’t let your political or religious opinions influence how your home is seen by potential buyers.

6. Use a Local Agent

Probably the most important step you can do to sell your house this summer in Irvine is to work with a qualified neighborhood agent. Nobody is as familiar with the regional market and its unique requirements as a local agent. The knowledge required to sell your house during the less-than-ideal summer months can be obtained from your neighborhood agent.

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