5 Selling Home Secrets From Irvine‘s Top Real Estate Agents

let’s take a look at the five selling secrets from the top real estate agents of Irvine. You have the mediocre masses and the few star performers in real estate, as in any other business or professional arena, the cream of the crop. And the best individuals are typically not the best because they were born with unique abilities or gifts. No, because they work harder, aspire to be the best, and go the extra mile, they are successful. But it is also because those “secrets” have been discovered—highly successful acts and tactics – The rest don’t know about that.

1. The Best Pricing Strategy Is Within the “Bands”

It is also said that pricing to sell is the best marketing tool. It is, but top real estate agents in Irvine also recognize that it is more than conducting a comparative market study and then pricing in accordance with market value.

Top real estate agents strive to price within the bands. For example,“Buyers who want to spend $340,000 will opt for between $325,000 and $350,000 on a home. If that’s the target market for the seller, then pricing a home at $351,000 will result in a lot of potential buyers totally ignoring the listing.”

The alternative is to cost $349,00 instead, which ranges between $325,000 and $350,00 inside the price band. And then you’ll see your listing with a lot more customers, those looking for a home priced around what yours is. By talking to a top Irvine agent at 714-844-0605, find out more about successful pricing strategies.

5 Selling Home Secrets From Irvine‘s Top Real Estate Agents

2. Staging Should Be Season-Specific

The fact that staged homes sell faster and at better prices is no longer a secret that staging is necessary. Staging, however, has gone well beyond only “creating a cozy conversation area in the living room,” as the top real estate agents have discovered.

It must now be season-specific for efficient, attractive staging. You’re better off using shorter furniture during the summer months, for instance. Doing so helps a space feel larger, longer and a better match in the mind of the prospective buyer.

3. There Are Times NOT to List

It is necessary to list at the right time, but top real estate agents in Irvine also know when a home should not be listed at all. These periods are often referred to as ‘listing black holes,’ times when listings are missed on sunny days, family holidays, and non-business problems.

At times when several individuals go out of town, for example, the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, you can avoid naming. If you do, many others will bury your list until the right eyes land on it. Again, in preventing listing at the wrong time, your local agent can be a big help.

4. Selling Isn’t the Primary Goal

Top real estate agents often recognize that, while sales are a large part of the work, they should not always sell (or hard selling anyway). The old unctuous, pushy real estate agent stereotype didn’t come from nowhere. Top agents, however, make it a priority to first represent the best interests of consumers and concentrate on the other crucial aspects of the work, such as becoming a consultant and solving problems.

Top real estate agents don’t concentrate solely on sale. “Instead, they focus on helping customers get a good deal and what they want.” It can be difficult to buy and sell houses and it is vital for the agent to make sure the consumer feels supported and satisfied.

5. Listening and Communication Are Important 

Similarly, some not-do-secret top-agent “secrets” are still listening and communication.

Here’s what industry pros say about top real estate agents in this regard: “When you communicate with your agent, if you can’t get a word in, then you’ve got a problem. You’re the one who can do most of the talking as a customer or client to make sure your agent knows your unique requests and needs.”

Top agents interact frequently with customers via their favorite medium, in addition to listening. Real estate is time-sensitive, so an agent needs to keep you aware about what’s happening and in a timely manner. “You need an advisor who keeps you in the loop about your new purchasing or selling situation continuously. Otherwise, you end up spending valuable time on possibilities that offer a small chance of achievement.”

The top agents will remain in touch with customers. “For customers who are new to the real estate game, what seems like insignificant information to an agent who has been in the company for years can be really important.”

Where to Find Top Real Estate Agents in Irvine

You would want an agent who knows about these “secrets” and more if you’re trying to sell a property in Irvine. But the process of interviewing prospective agents and weeding out the not-so-great ones can be a lengthy, boring, time-consuming process. However, you can significantly shorten the phase by partnering with a trustworthy agency that is known for its best agents. If, then, you want the advantages of working with the top real estate agents of Irvine, contact us at 714-844-0605.

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