Selling a Vacant Home in Irvine vs. One That is Occupied

Schedules often don’t work out, and while you still own the old one, you can find yourself having to move to your new place. If you find yourself selling a vacant home in Irvine vs. one which is occupied, we have you covered.

Vacancy Can Be Problematic

It’s best to get straight to the point instead of beating around the bush: selling a Irvine vacant home is harder than selling an inhabited one.

The reasons for this are various, but as an inhabited home feels much warmer and more welcoming to prospective buyers who come to look at the house, it is easier to summarize these reasons.

Some individuals would visit your abandoned home just to conclude that since no one is actually residing in it in the first place, there must be something wrong with it. They immediately believe there is something that has scared away the previous owners, and when they first see a vacant house, many potential buyers are safe.


When selling a Irvine vacant house, the first and best thing you can do is get it staged by your professional and accomplished real estate expert.

To make the real estate deal a success for you, your representative is there, and they have tools at their disposal to help speed up the process and get you the best out of any negotiations. During any showings, having the agent control the staging by either doing it themselves or bringing in their own contact goes a long way to fixing the empty home dilemma.

Even if no one lives in the building, keeping the temperature controlled is crucial so that no potential buyer walks into a freezing or sweltering home.


It’s imperative that you take the time to stop by every once in a while to ensure that all is absolutely fine with no one visiting the house daily.

It’s no harm to let the local police know that your old, empty Irvine house is up for sale. This will give them a heads-up and they will know that when passing home, they will keep their eyes peeled.

Consider asking a reliable neighbor or family member to do it for you if you are physically unable to visit your old home occasionally. If you find yourself in a bind, a neighbor would have a vested interest in ensuring that nothing bad happens to the house, and is probably willing to help you out.


Chances are that when preparing Irvine your home for sale, you have done some deep cleaning, and you don’t want to let that spick and span look lose its luster.

Do the best you can to make the whole house as tidy as possible. They will end up monitoring at least some amount of dust and dirt as prospective buyers stop by for showings, and you want to ensure that the following showings are not impeded by some of this dust or dirt being left behind.


The final thing to note is that you are still responsible for any prior contractual commitments attached to it as your Irvine home for-sale stays empty on the market.

Do the very best to prepare by budgeting conservatively for any additional mortgage and service payments. Information such as this make it easy to slip the minds of busy homeowners when coping with moving themselves from one place to another and probably their families. Bear in mind that you need to keep all the Irvine home sales services with you to keep up with the payments.

Help Selling a Vacant Home in Irvine

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