Selling Your House in Irvine? Here’s What Gen Z Buyers are Looking for in a New Home

Members of Gen Z, who have their own preferences and purchasing issues, are a fast expanding cohort within the greater pool of customers. Let’s look at what Gen Z buyers are searching for in a new home in Irvine in order to attempt and increase the appeal of your home across generations when selling your house in Irvine.

High Utility

Gen Z wants residences that can meet their aspirations for experience-driven lives and remote working as they make their first foray into the real estate market.

Workers from many generations and origins have redefined what the workplace means in response to the global Covid-19 outbreak during the past few years. This has led members of Gen Z to look for homes that have spaces that can be transformed to fulfill a wide range of purposes. It’s not so much about convenience as it is about meeting needs as they arise, whether that means a living room with enough space to quickly convert into a makeshift bedroom or a dining room that can be transformed into a de facto home office.

When marketing your house in Irvine, emphasize these multi functional spaces to cater to the various needs of Gen Z purchasers.

Here’s What Gen Z Buyers are Looking for in a New Home


Gen Z, as we’ve previously noted, places more emphasis on having unique life experiences than on relying on material items to make them happy.

The conventional anticipation of settling down and starting a family is being postponed as they establish themselves as adults in the aim of first achieving both emotional and financial security. Due to the delay, many members of Generation Z won’t be as interested in the typical home selling marketing benefits of living close to parks or schools. Draw attention to the convenience of moving from one place to another, the closeness of prominent commercial areas, and important commuting routes in order to attract Gen Z.


Gen Z is looking for a home that is located in a vibrant and inviting neighborhood, which should not be surprising given that we already know they desire to surround themselves with life events.

For younger generations, affiliating with a cause and a group that best reflect who they are and their beliefs is a step toward achieving personal fulfilment. The community that has grown up around their property makes everything else feel that much more significant and unified since people often want to be a part of something bigger.

This gels well with other buyer demographics because a strong sense of positive community interactions often makes the members of that community feel more secure.


The last thing that anyone trying to market to Gen Z has to know is that they want and need to buy a home that is well within their budget.

Similar to how millennials experienced growing up amid a global recession, Gen Z experienced the economic and social repercussions of that global recession before attempting to put their adult lives in order as a global pandemic raised entry barriers for nearly everything. As a result, Gen Z has substantially less purchasing power than prior generations—even millennials—when entering the market, but they are aware that buying a property might serve as an inflation hedge. Gen Z is aware of this circumstance, and as a result, they have quite successfully modified their expectations.

The bottom line is that Gen Z isn’t scared to get their hands dirty by choosing to live in a severe fixer-upper. When selling your house in Irvine, be sure to set the pricing appropriately because your customers’ major worry is whether they feel like they are getting a good deal on their new home.

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